The Incidental Corridor of the Now, No.656

Time is mediated through the immediacy of the ‘this now.’ The certainty we attach to time is not that it passes from moment to moment. What passes is the now to the now.
We are always in the immediacy of the moment. When we view an object, we are seeing the ‘this now’ which has it. It comes to us as a universal object drifting from one now to the next, from one object to the next. The only changes are not in the objects. They are in the separate ‘this now’ which is the real. Our first thought is not of “what is this?” Our real object is “what is this now?” It is the simplest form of knowing, yet we suddenly are conscious of the thing in its immediacy in the ‘this now.’
As time passes, such as day turns into night, the ‘now’ is still preserved. If we write on a piece of paper that it is now morning, and in the evening see what we had written, we know that the truth of the now has changed into a contradiction, and we are in a different ‘now.’ The specificity we lend to objects, or moments, is what they are in the ‘now’ and not what they are in themselves. We are immediate mediators and we rely on contradiction to separate the now’s from each other. The contradiction is always between objects, but the now is always preserved as ‘this now’ which holds these contradictions to be the true.
The now is permanent. We see this permanence in the fact that all things around us change except the now. It remains, always, this now and this now and this now. We do not separate objects from the universal where they come to us under different circumstances and perceptions. They remain as they are and as the ‘this-here-now.’ They are in the moment…for now.

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