And the Band Plays On

All thoughtful, normal, beings seek society. It is a necessary product of nature; a binding, progressive compact of providing security for its members as well as their well-being. It’s the basic makeup of beings to live in accordance with laws that allow them certain freedoms as well as protection. Even the animal world lives by particular axioms, mostly keeping to themselves, replenishing their species, surviving day to day in a way not so different from primitive mankind. Nothing in a society can remain constant, nor can it offer a unity of its persons, if particular segments of its membership decide to stray from the basic social compact and decide that the laws are not directed towards them and, moreover, are against their fundamental beliefs. The general course of nature is effected by the actions of the few. The consequences become detrimental once the detractors decide to take action and turn militant towards the union.
Within the different stations of life, the necessary and the determined will always fall into place. It is the basic course of nature to fill every void and, in doing so, apply an imaginary protective shell over everything. This layer of reason, in which all living things are encased, is the guiding principle, the destination of all, marked by the wish to be free from hardship and pain, and always able to fulfill, or control, all desires of a moral foundation.
The crossroads, the elements of incontrovertible calls for change, cloaked in terror and hatred, is a threat that man has faced from the first moment of existence. It is the contrariety that plays a part in all things; a necessary product of nature which is there to give a choice. The choice should always be for the improvement of life, or for the moral side of the choosing, yet, in some historical instances, it becomes an all-out conflict involving more than a mere few. It becomes societies combatting each other. Fundamentalists versus fundamentalists. One side embracing the illusion of a singularity of beliefs, while the other side always accepting the beliefs of others. In order for a society to be one, it must contain a unity of the many. The threat to this unity, the danger of undermining a civil society, and its citizens, is when one of its parts decides it must be the only part; the last word on all things and all lives. The never questioned, the irreproachable demands of the one party than grow to the point of destruction.
In today’s world, some are willing to allow the “one” to dictate, to decide the course of action whether it be harmful to the other members or not. This goes under the all-so poetic term of “tolerance.” However, it can actually be defined as “suicidal.” Those complicit with the subversive voices of the militants of evil and death, feigning their love for humanity through their attitudes of elitism and unquestioned terms of behavior, are more like the parents who insist on giving their young children sweets up to, and beyond, the point where they begin to run amok and destroy the furniture and harm the pets. These so-called protectors of humanity are, in essence, the tools of the murderers. They pretend against the truth of their compliance with these killers by berating and admonishing others who feel differently. They go so far as to name these “others” as racists, bigots, fascists, haters, and whatever disparaging term they could think up and falsely claim.
I would rather be a live bigot, than a brain-twisted, confused and enabling fraud who is willing to die on his knees and not fight on his feet.
The band, disguised as celebrities, journalists, “lawmakers” and others of questionable labels, keep playing the same tune, singing the same verse, pounding out the same crescendo. They will do so until their tune falls silent and their melodies of moralistic hubris fade into space, as their spirits fade into extinction. And those they’ve condemned with their elitist high-talk, can look down on their graves until they can be certain they’re dead.

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