The Incidental Corridor No.658

It is a perceived resemblance which allows consciousness the idea of a continued existence. Former sensations offer a remembrance of objects and appearances which, even when interrupted, are identifiable and seemingly remain unchanged. We could be in a room with objects such as a lamp, desk, or chairs, close and reopen our eyes and they would still be in place, unmoved and perfectly the same as before. Time has passed and they have undergone a definite change, but it is imperceptible. It is not that our perceptions
contain an independent existence, but it’s the mind which has a propensity to assume certain fictions which offer the continuity in which we see the world around us and, more so, allow us to experience the cause and effect that underlies reason.
We assume a continued existence by the continuation of appearances which fill our memory and “find” each other through relative images. We know that night follows day, and a stone dropped into a pond will create a disturbance on its surface, or an apple seed has the propensity to produce an apple tree and eventually an apple. This continuity and constancy is what reason relies on to explain its existence as an ongoing, uninterrupted journey through time. Our sensible perceptions, though limited to our own experiences, vivify an existence that connects with the impressions of images within our own thoughts, and are independent in the sense that they are individually possessed, but connected with a sequence of impressions that fill our memory with the belief of a continuation of body and the persistent, but false notion of an independent existence.

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