Interrupted Perception, No.657

One way of viewing or understanding a continued existence outside ourselves, is through broken or interrupted perceptions. Although we can’t truly sense why things exist, we are still able to, or believe to, perceive objects as contiguous, as constant in their appearance and implying that they have being whether observed or not. As in a mountain range, we perceive its shape, height, and other identifiable characteristics, then should we go off in another direction, or turn away and come back to the same place where we first observed the object, we sense that nothing in it has changed, although it has. Our first impression of it has dissolved, replaced by a new impression. We are insensible to the changing impressions, yet the time that existed between them has changed. At this point we find ourselves in a contradiction between the passage of time and the object’s identity. The reasoning we use to connect the two is that of a continual existence. Therefore, that mountain range would exist should I never again perceive it. Its constancy, its force, is outside my existence and lies somewhere as an identifiable-in-itself, free from my imagination and a truth of reality.
This is the well disguised reasoning that treats all objects as either continuing to exist regardless of perception and those which, within an interrupted impression, find themselves an object of perception, but eventually through time and our sense of its movement, relinquish their grip on the imagination and dissolve into nonexistence. Perception separates an ongoing cycle of life from the mere illusions which at one moment are real and the next fiction. It is the interrupted perceptions revealing an independent reality which will always exist outside our experience.

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