The Incidental Corridor of Necessity, No.655

Necessity exists in all operations. It’s powers of con-joining, of custom and conjunction, is its essence. We perceive certain connections and relations of objects; of their frailty, scent, colors, texture, etc. which occur together. One necessitates the other. A glass can transform into jagged pieces; a particular flower would always produce the same scent; an orange would be accompanied by the color orange. There exists, always, a potential transition and a sudden change, but a change that’s determined, that’s been woven into the mind by impressions. There is an inherent rhyme to necessity which infers a balance between imagination and reality. Its foundation is its cause. Also its effect. We come to expect particular reactions from one immediacy to another. If we couldn’t, nothing would be immediate. Life itself would be drawn out, crawling into the future in slow motion. The spontaneity that exists can do so only in the mind that comprehends connections from moment to moment. A consciousness which accumulates knowledge, but eventually falls into a range of simple causes and determinations that lie beyond the imagination, but still are present and playing a hand in the sphere of connectivity. And, since all experiences directly result from the mind which perceives them, so are the causes and effects which control existence. Objects, in themselves, do not cause changes in other objects, or to themselves. Those powers don’t exist in the objects. They are impressions on the mind. The mind that winds them tight on a spool; leaving no remnants to reality, but mere appearances which are never truly there. If they were, they’d be lifeless, as a statue is lifeless. No, they are the past, the dumping ground where the crows land to pick apart the pieces of dreams and thoughts.
Repetition is the mark of necessity. It holds time to keeping time, and space to stay as space. There is no real power in repetition. It is only the end, not the means. That power is unknown. As is the force of a nature which determines all life and all things unknown to us. We can only reason with the results, which, by understanding, can nearly successfully predict a relatable outcome of the operation of a nature that is perfectly created. It performs its customary transitions and is both alive and inert; Its existence holds for us a cause which has already been determined and in which we are fluidly vaporized. While the particular end of the mind of impressions draws near, and what mode of existence created by these impressions have unfolded, whether benign or criminal, whether saluted as a victor, a parent, a successful societal agent, they would always only be appearances and wither away in silence. It is only life which once gone could not repeat itself, nor could it attempt to form a different life outside itself, thus, we look toward reproduction which is our method of preservation and our subordination to existence; our only real cause as it is determined to perpetuate time, whether present or in imagining the future.

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