The Incidental Corridor of Deception, No.654

What could be further from the truth than “truth” itself? Do we not enter the world as free, independent, and pure of thought and spirit, untouched by humanity and open to the world? Do we not eventually leave this place as dependent, as tied to certain stereotypes and idiosyncrasies, ruled by culture, by demands, by the makeshift ideologies that strive to teach a surrendering?
We can only will what we will, and seek what we seek. There are no closed doors or open roads. There is only one road on which to travel. We are that road, that intention. We make it so. There are numerous counterattacks, reciprocity in urgency, vengeance, depravity of values and consistent praise for the calculating warriors who stand before us and proclaim their madness for truth; who lie and deceive while thinking they are the only path to prosperity, both spiritually and materially. They consider themselves harbingers of the most righteous path, the indelible servants to their unquestioned maxims looming like the clouds above and the approaching storm that is readying to wash away the grime that accumulates on us all.
What is more fearful other than learning your beliefs can’t hold water, or, mostly are sieves draining all faith in the truth and leaving behind the sludge of falsehood; the grime of faultiness; the thickened mass of ignorance which no longer slides but becomes hardened like clay and is eventually baked solid by the transforming rays of light that expose its listless qualities, its stolid composite of swamp-like ooze, sticking, clinging, and suffocating life?
We are led like sheep, cloned like vegetation, transformed like bits of particles formed into indifference; lifeless and robotic, christened as doves, yet caged like pigeons; to obey, to follow, to agree at every turn and surrender all faith into the crudest form of pedantry held by those who would do the greatest harm; who disguise themselves as the promoters of righteousness while, in fact, are the real byzantine warriors they so fervently protest.
To be deceived at every turn is the conditioned condition we so fiercely embrace.

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