The Incidental Corridor No.653

Ideas are the result of impressions channeled into the mind and formed by experience. Their cause is necessitated by reflection and, ultimately, subsists through reasoning derived from these very same experiences. They cannot be the cause of themselves, nor do they form spontaneously without any requisite beginning. Their true principles are based on precedent and arrive in the same way as cause and effect. It is through previous perceptions, through the conscious and unconscious grasp of the external world that ideas place themselves within the imagination and could never be just “imagined.” Their dependence and energy is an invisible modality of force, one in which captures a sequence of thought and aligns it with a disposition not intuitively preformed or innate, but substantially reliant on a pre-condition of an absolute setting where the divergence of perceptions fall together. This “arrival” of an idea, thus, is the product of itself through the force and efficacy of a nature which is unknown to us, but provides the formal medium for the dissemination of thought and reflection.
Ideas, essentially, cannot power themselves; they cannot be reproduced nor can they follow a particular mode of creation. They rely on the past and, more so, on the immediacy of consciousness; on the spontaneous outburst of a vibrant reflection powered by reason and propelled into the open, where knowledge creeps from the edge of the unknown into the vast arena of incipient thoughts and ideas.

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