The Incidental Corridor No.649

Are all sensible qualities in the mind or in the object? Is what we perceive exactly what the object is, or is it just a representation, an image? All perception depends on who is perceiving, and from whatever point in space they are perceiving from. The secondary qualities of an object, its color, temperature, texture, and so on, is a representation to our senses. We cannot be positively certain that the color we see, or the texture we feel, is the absolute truth in the object. That it has extension, and that it is spatial, is the positive sense we have of the object. Its secondary qualities, however, are prone to differences which exist based on the perceiver. All perception falls within particular conditions such as a state of mind, a lucid or a distracted thought, a mere presence of other objects which may counter one’s focus or ability to concentrate on whatever object is before him. There is never any real certainty as to the true nature of an object, as it merely appears to be what it is and where it is. If I look upon a tree with one eye closed, it would seem placed in a particular point in space. If I reverse eyes, the tree has seemingly moved to another place. Which place is its true place? Or is there any truth to the tree whatsoever, as in, should I close my eyes completely I can still envision it by memory, but is it really there? Is there any external reality, or are all objects, hence, all existence, a production in the mind, and the external world is only what we imagine it to be and, outside of that, is just a chaotic ensemble of an undetectable something drifting in an infinite realm of a vast nothingness?

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