The Incidental Corridor of Necessity, No.647

There is little doubt that certain actions would produce certain results related to that action. Putting a lit match to a sheet of paper would start it to flame; walking through a puddle of rain would soak your shoes; placing a chair in the middle of a walkway would create an obstacle for others and they would be forced to swerve around it. There is a particular conformity of cause and effect which leads to a necessary result, although that result holds many possibilities, it would still fall in line with a relatable outcome to its cause. There are natural forces which, ungovernable by men, and out of reach of the most perspicacious minds, conjoin events so that there exists a single sequence contemplated by consciousness. As the internal elements of our thoughts are strung together, one leading to the next, so it is with natural events. The results from our actions are, in reality, necessary and could bring forward no other outcome than the exact outcome which evolved. Moreover, what does not take place cannot take place as the negation of an event would always negate itself, as a contradiction would contradict an action but only in the background of the action and not on the surface of reality where the appearance of an event takes place. It comes down to an “either, or,” and is the standard by which all actions must follow. The enjoining of events is actually an obstacle to absolute liberty and an impediment to those mysterious forces of nature which attempt to divide particular moments into opposite actions. The cause of an action, and its effect, are infinitely applied and, ultimately, procure a connected result; a finale or a crescendo of active participation which, while unraveling, sets new paths in new directions and no power can ever stop or alter its determination, or its reach into natures imminent and necessary uniformity.

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