The Incidental Corridor No.646, ‘The Loss of Customs’

One of the greatest fears held by most, aside from death or illness, is the loss of customs. Their customs. Throughout life’s experiences, starting from infancy and through adulthood, particular habits are learned, fostered, and inculcated which shapes the thoughts of those influenced by these experiences. A particular custom of one group is they only eat certain foods on specific days, or celebrate a birthday by going to a fine restaurant; or they may make regular trips on certain holidays to visit family. These are mere examples of customs obtained through experiences, and they also give comfort in establishing a certain, unchanging, steady future which is the combination of events or moments woven together into a securely pre-established occurrence.
The threat of these specific habits, which have been formed over many years, if not generations, being altered is certain enough to fill the minds of most with concern and trepidation. It’s as if they are being pushed along the plank before they drop into the sea. And, this one thing that those who follow a customary lifestyle day in and day out, are willing to protect by any means necessary.
The term “racist” is thrown about these days toward anyone who dares to insulate their customs from others who enjoy their own customs. This word has become so commonly injected into the lexicon that it has lost all substance while taking on many meanings which are conflated and convoluted and, most of all, used as a threat to put fear into a particular group, or sully that group with a term that would bring reprisals upon it. It seems that those who have taken to hurl this term, and other dispatches of discrimination, so freely and diligently, have absolutely hollow and translucent backgrounds which, for all intents, have left them clinging to beliefs that have no merit, or ideologies that border on a utopian world where all beings, down to the one celled amoeba, live in conjunction with one another without any differences, any traits, any identity, or any faith. Their world would be a sterile and barren environment where all traces of divergence would be immediately erased, whether through force or intimidation. Their “world” would no longer produce customs or recognitions of a people. It would inwardly dissect and toss away any organs of resistance and concurrently set up one body, one people, and one living organism without a trace of dialectical differences or individual liberties. It would be a monarchical environment controlled by a malevolent force of a totalitarian concept that would be obeyed by all, or else.
Customs are threatened through the suppression of habits inclined toward classes or groups of people. Any signs of individualism are trounced upon. Moreover, those supplying the rhetoric and the instrument for this demolition are, themselves, creatures of their own designs which, to their understanding, is the only way of life that “must” be followed, or those who stray outside their dogmatic position will be attacked, maligned, undermined and threatened.
This modernist, global, coalition is willing to embrace any means to impel their ideologies upon all. Whether it be the will of a certain few, or the sudden dialectical occurrence of a historical breach upon the normal relationships enjoyed by most of the world. The danger exists that a global divide is on the horizon and the threat of undercutting the underlying orderliness of the planet, is beginning to form en mass. The rituals, customs, and habits that are the fabric of all societies, is under threat of being replaced by a dark side of humanity where the terror of an unpredictable alliance between maniacal and fanatical forces is slowly taking form.

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