The Incidental Corridor No.646

Reason evolves from experience and matters which are factual. We learn from our successes and our faults and conjoin them to offer a similarity of reference and a form of knowledge. Placing one’s hand above a flame is already acknowledged as producing sensations of heat and, with that, a withdrawal from the flame to avoid being burned. We are not born with the ability to reason that fire can produce excruciating pain if one should attempt to touch it. We first had to experience the effects of it to tie the cause, and its effect, together. Although an effect is distinct from its cause, as the fire can be serving a purpose in providing heat and light, it nonetheless correlates with an experiential matter of fact, which is the possibility of an effect other than its reason for being. The mystery, if one can infer, is the power of reason itself and how it operates. It is true that reason depends on earlier events to form a basis for actions, however, what is it that has the power to reason through reason? Experience is one thing. It establishes a history, a past, and causes and effects, which play a hand in present and future events. It ties time to existence and allows for an orderly formation of being and understanding. Without a sequential and streaming existence, there would be nothing except chaos and disorder. And in that no living thing could exist.
Reason is understanding and acting from experience, repeating itself in establishing an epistemological presence. Its power is its own, and its appearance in the mind is the essence of its existence, and the mysteriously infinite possession of all living things.

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