The Incidental Idea of Being, No.644

Ideas exist in the Spirit as the only substance which gives life and extension to itself, and is the informing agent whereby spirit is able to experience everything outside itself, including other spirits. Through the Idea, the spirit perceives, will, and thinks. It both separates and encloses all things in themselves as they exist apart from, and in, the mind. Ideas are immediate, where knowledge of ideas must be formally developed and constructed; they being the extension of the spirit into that which is other than itself. The distance between idea and spirit cannot be measured as one is the propellant of the other and in no particular order…as no real order exists between spirit and idea. They are concomitant and inseparable.
Ideas, in themselves, are not true representations or acts. They are passive and inert; indivisible and conjoined. They open spirit to the world and, in doing so, provide concepts which beings use to navigate their existence. As extensions in the mind, they reach into a supra-sensible realm where all matters are immediate and are dealt with in like manner, depending upon the nature of the spirit whose mind they inculcate and whose thoughts, developed by these ideas, are impressed into being. They are the modem and the cause of themselves; the inseparable unity of a multiplicity that is innate, essential, and inherently the only possibility that is, itself, an uncertainty of truth; an outlier of what is believed to be the truth; the idea of a pure essence untouched by time and space but using time and space as its condition for being.

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