The Incidental Corridor No.641

It is not true that all that exists is only in the mind. That would be an inconceivable notion. What we perceive are ideas which have not necessarily come from our own minds, but from another who has, through the understanding, created a law of nature, one which all things seem to happen sequentially. Heat comes from the sun. The ocean tides are a result of the moon’s pull on earth. If I place my hand into a flame it would burn. These representations imprint themselves in our minds and create an environment which we navigate inventing ideas of our own and, by reason, are able to deduce a result before it happens. Whether the things we sense are substances or matter is a question that remains unresolved.
We know certain things happen together through our experiences. We also imagine that there is a cause to everything and could only be so since, without a cause, reason could not function and chaos would rule in its place. These experiences are ideas produced in our own minds. Ideas that began from nothing and, through sense and observation, form a common reaction to sets of conditions. What creates the cause and develops an understanding is the mystery of a perceived “truth” in the imagination; a chimera and illusion reflected from the senses affected by appearances. It is through appearances that space and time are the conditions which allow for ideas, thoughts, movements…and so on. But, they are ideas of space and time which, without, we could not differentiate one thing from another, nor could we measure any changes or movements within the senses. Making sense is the proprietary function of the senses, besides being the modus where the mind is able to clearly function through the reflective and perceptive authority of its ideas. Without the sensibilities the mind would be all that exists and, in that case, all that exists would be only in the mind.

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