The Incidental Corridor of External Objects, No.640

If colors, sounds, tastes, or any other secondary qualities, need the senses to be experienced, would objects exists outside the mind? Extensions, figures, motions, all these and so on, would they be possible without the imagination depicting their existence and, further, granting them permanent status in the universe?
We have ideas that either are formed concurrently with objects before us, or they can be imagined. We cannot imagine something which doesn’t have some quality or property, color or extension, and so on. If objects exist externally, outside the senses what would they look like, or would they have any quality at all? If they cannot be perceived are they real in the sense that they contain matter or movement, solidity or fluidity?
What we perceive we do so through reason. Distances, velocities, shapes, are all perceptions which change from one mind to another. Nothing at all is exact, not vision, odor, taste, etc. between two bodies that have different ideas and imaginations. Even by reason, which in itself is an idea, individual sensibilities are inevitably misaligned.
No doubt, there are perceptions of objects which are common and alike, which display similar qualities and blend together through the senses. But, once abstracted out, once employed by one particular mind as opposed to another, they are changed permanently. Can it be said that there is only one quality of an object that is external to the mind and is a substance that without the imagination exists freely? In what form would it take? Would it have color or be colorless?
Those objects which we imagine as existing for themselves, again, are products of the senses and, therefore, can never be exactly determined as to contain “matter” or any substance whatsoever. If objects existed outside ourselves and were able to do so with or without the sensibilities, what than would be the purpose of the imagination and would it not be so that there would be no purpose for the mind or spirit to exist at all?

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