The Incidental Corridor No.634

What is original in all beings, and in all things, is the presence of an unruliness, an eternal element of chaos. It is never-fading, but always becoming. It is the ground of darkness binding body and spirit; the absolute moment of creation which holds everything in place. Nothing can be inside or outside of it. It is its own internal and external presence, but can only be seen in the light that passes through it; the light that emerges from the ground, but still remains part of it. This light is the spirit, which is not the synthesis of body and soul, but rather pure substance. It is through the purity, through the infinite character of consciousness, that chaos is forced to the background and the conflict between light and dark is mysteriously balanced. There can be no existence if the ground of everything remained an inscrutable nothingness, a void, a darkness. Spirit, which has always been, is the light that is the equilibrium, an essence of being which enters the darkness and puts it back in the ground. It is the force that rules over itself, and its own ground, and brings forward that which has always been, before it entered the ground, only to rise again.
Spirit can never completely be free. It must always be grounded between its existence and that which negates being; which holds it in place and stores the chaos which, without a consciousness struggling to overcome all that flows against it, like a stone in a raging river that forces the waters to race around it, would collapse into the desolate abyss of nothingness.
The eternal essences of light and dark, being and nothingness, are what falls through the ground and, also, what emerges from it. It is this type of duality that exist so that all things become what they had already been set out to be. In time they are the infinite moment of being. In space they stay grounded in time, but also set free to decide what will be and where it will take place.

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