The Incidental Corridor No.633

Determinism is both in opposition and in accord with free will. It operates as a first principle that frees itself from the past and, in so doing, opposes the past so that a future can be determined. What has already taken place is an uncontrollable element which, in itself, controls events, and these events as determinations, carry forward into an in-determinateness since the will can only incline towards things and not control things. If one existed solely in the world as one self, than the determined will of will itself would be the only truth that being comprehends. Having other selves to reckon with, consciousness must “swerve” around the actions of others to assimilate any notion of freedom and determination. It is the paradox spirit faces;, its containment in itself to emerging from the ground into actuality, and the absolute reality in which it must act once it leaves the calm inertia in which it was once grounded. It is the movement from the center of the circle to the peripheral where spirit reaches its apex as substance; as that being which actually exists. Its movements, its decisions, are further determinations built on past determinations which nullify freedom and, at the same time, exhort freedom. Its revelation comes to it through laws and forces which are always in opposition to it, for being cannot show itself to itself unless its non-being is also present. This is what leads towards a determinism shrouded in the guise of freedom. It is the primal act, the emergence from the ground and into the light of existence, but still that light is contained in the ground, and can only come from the ground as light is darkness revealed in its opposite. Freedom is the opposite of a determined existence, yet it is under an illusion of freedom, since it is born from and creator of a determinism that is both free and not free since its actions have been determined by what has already taken place. The future is the past in its future. A determination is a rule of freedom designating itself as the will to decide through an act which has already been pre-determined.

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