All things originate from a darkness and a void, a type of anarchic existence before being brought to order and form. They are always stirring in the ground, in their pre-natural existence, waiting for representation in a way to show their determination and purpose. Without purpose, a thing wouldn’t exist. Without representation it would only exist for itself and thereby be eternally indeterminable. All existing things extend into space and are part of the external world; that which is both separate and belonging to all creatures. Without this separation nothing could exist that would be distinguishable from anything else. It would be an incomprehensible contradiction possessing no sensible qualities, or form, and be primarily an object of imagination of which no object could escape.
Things appearing to us first appear to themselves. They require causation for their becoming an appearance; this cause is comes through the understanding by which no thing would exist without it first being of a necessary existence; one which presupposes other things and is not another thing, but cannot exist without the other thing. This is the rule and the form for the requisite dismantling of chaos and its transformation into order, into its reason for being. This is inherent in all things.

Nothing would be what it is in the external world without its own identifying characteristic which all things are never without. This is a characteristic bestowed upon them by what exists “to them” externally and its potential purpose. All things are mutually related. There is little difference between a man and a stone, as far as their being is concerned, except their appearance. And there cannot be an appearance unless it distinguishes itself through its differences with others. And this underlying law of appearance, of form, is born in its own ground of chaotic disorder before it becomes that which can be apprehended and aligned with experience and knowledge. And, finally, it is reason which claims it from the fire of discord into a form of understanding.

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