The Incidental Corridor of Necessity and Freedom, No.632

What flows from something is never the same as what that something is. It is independent, freed from its shackles to become a thing other than what it was; an absolutely new and autonomous substance, its original elements consumed and transmuted into only what it needs to be. This necessity is its own form of freedom, although it is bound by its structure. It is independent in the sense that it assumes an alternate way of being and, thereby, is identified as something else.
Is there a union between necessity and freedom? The answer is in the affirmative since freedom is the source of what creates necessity and, in turn, necessity creates what is free. The only boundaries that exist are the boundaries in which this conjunction operates. Without limits, without any type of circumscription in which all of reality resides, necessity would be without reason and freedom would be a boundless, infinite, affair without any measurement of what it is free of. The only law which prescribes to freedom and necessity the absolute formal extension of their existence, is Reason. No force exists which can exclude Reason from its original grounding. It is the code of the modality of life, the igniter of consciousness which, by its own absolute truth, forms the system of understanding so that life is contemplated and, all that lies within, discovered, measured, and qualified. The relationship of Reason to necessity and freedom is bound to them systematically so that consciousness can be conscious of something, and existence can be that which consciousness has as the ground of its-self. Reason is the father of necessity and freedom. It weaves their relationship together so that all creatures are endowed with purpose. This purpose being to act with necessity to be free, and to freely act to fulfill a necessity; both flowing from within the systematic framework of pure Reason, although the resultant act, paradoxically, creates a reason of its own and, ultimately, its own destination, exempt from its beginnings, but still infused with Reason.

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