The Conditioned Series of Forced Outcomes

Conditions are series of separate, but enjoined, particulars which precede other series. They are always in the process of becoming, but never actually completed. Within these series exist goals and patterns which search for agreeable, but never permanent, results. They offer meaning sculpted by a fundamental understanding of personal values, imperatives, necessity, etc., and cannot be otherwise described as absent of any type of conscientious import. These meanings are composed of approvals and disapproval, acceptance and repulsion, organization and discordance, and so on. Certain conditions result from moral judgments formed by affairs of the “conscience” and aimed towards a “helping hand,” a gesture of goodwill, a practical and idealistic stand unquestioned and accepted, absolutely, as the decent and ethical process of a well-meaning society. However, once isolated from these conditions, and reduced to an individual want of self-satisfaction, much of these “values” are set aside to make way for self-aggrandizement, self-satisfaction and personal enrichment. In other words, these same subjects stage an “appearance” of concern, but, behind the curtain they are actually fulfilling their needs at the price of those they propose to support. They are, in truth, imposters and hold every intention to fulfill their immediate desires before they lift a finger to share with others anything of value. Behold, the mobs who march through the streets and set conditions; who lure the ignorant into their destructive messaging in hopes of toppling any semblance of individuality, any idea of freedom to choose an alternative to their incomprehensible ideology and incoherent concerns. Some parade behind masks, while others wear masks of deception; their look of trepidation reflecting the conditioned patterns which they have set in motion through their self-guilt and their own speculative place of importance. They propel a cause, a series of events, where they have no stake. Ultimately they remove themselves and leave the damage and debris for others to sweep up and restore the conditions of which freedom is enjoyed instead of attacked; where beliefs are sacrosanct instead of mocked and punished; where thoughts can be uttered whether they conflict with others, or even if they are in contempt of prevailing, so called compassionate judgments; where citizens can keep their freedoms as people first, and subjects of the law, which is freedom in itself, second. Where the structure of the community can pursue happiness without being dictated to about when, and to whom, this happiness and liberty should occur. We are prone to the conditions we engender, but we are never at a loss to re-condition the series and interrupt the bedlam before it swallows all common sense and leads to an environment of lies and destruction. Certainly a universal solution will never be achieved, a conclusion to the series that provides a lasting and agreeable outcome. Every series of events gives birth to new conditions that, effectively, create reactions and counter-reactions, and so on. Reality moves on, setting in place the forces that give it structure, while also inheriting the properties that could potentially tear that structure apart.
Those who embrace disorder are the same who cling to their own personal interests while all others turn to face the other way. The conditioned series that manipulate their interests are, ironically, set by forces outside themselves which are uncontrollable, unrecognizable, and ultimately unknowable. Forced outcomes can be engineered. Lasting outcomes could never be conveyed.

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