The Incidental Impulse, No.631

An impulse is the immediate real being acting out a determination without rising to it, as in an act of pure freedom. In the immediacy of the impulse, there are no moral or immoral grounds, as it is isolated in a higher, super-sensuous realm and not yet a law of nature which operates through the appearance of a final end. It is an original power, an internal power, a contemplation without thought, though it soon transforms itself into a mediation which must decide between pure freedom and the freedom to act within the confines of the law of nature.
Nature determines itself through an immediacy which has no relationship to moral grounds, only to laws which create morality. All creatures act toward a final outcome. The factors governing these actions, the structure in which the action takes place, are a design of a limited world; limited by laws; by prohibitions, by general rules that apply particular and permanent judgments against acts of impulse and force upon the world a universal edifice in which each being is confined. The power of Reason is both the lock and key to this edifice, the foundation of the understanding which gives to all beings the freedom to act upon pure freedom to create a stability in which the world can exist; as the sun exists to warm the Earth, and water exists to support survival. The pure freedom of an immediate impulse is the lawlessness of consciousness and the origination of consciousness before it evolves into the self-determination of being-with-others. Therefore, unlimited freedom is held in check by an eternal consciousness that seeks to stay free by limiting freedom to the same laws that govern nature. Those laws being the system of being-in-the-world with the power to freely determine, by freeing the self from the limitless boundaries of an indeterminate impulse.

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