The Incidental Corridor on the Power of the Real, No.630

What makes something that is visible real is the existence of the possibility of its prohibitive cause; a prohibition which is part of a real occurrence in that it makes its power visible over that which has not occurred, but is only possible. There exists a realm of possibilities, the contents of which become nugatory once the determinate cause of this realm, where a freedom has been chosen, eliminates all other occurrences, relegating them to that which could have been but is not. We cannot create the real. We can only relate to the contents of it as the subject- form, which, through the Life-Power of which we are contents, creates the appearance of the real. The Real is the nexus where the subject, through his determination which, when faced with all possibilities that may occur, falls into and becomes what was only possible and eliminates everything else which is now no longer possible, but also raises new possibilities. It is within this realm in which the Life-Power assumes the subject and, through its freedom to choose this or that determination, becomes the force within the Real; an ego that is formed of infinite egos, but is self-limiting. And, it is only through these self-limitations that it is free. Without limits to appearances, and without restrictions on the imagination, possibilities within the Real would lose the power to decide its freedoms and the impossible would become the general form of nature. We, as subjects within the power of the real, cannot create the possible, we can only be formed by its contents. Also, we cannot create the impossible, since the contents of which we are formed, are the images of the appearances of the possible which, without, the determinations of the Power of the Real would apply to nothing within its realm except untruths and falsifications of the imagination, and lead to an imbalance between contemplation and that which must be contemplated within the appearance of the Real to experience the Real as it appears to us.

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