The Incidental Corridor of Ultimate Purpose, No.629

Life manifests itself through itself, driven by an affinity to realize its highest principle, or end. This is the purpose of its essence, to reach back to its beginning from nothingness, from its creation, to free itself and meet the highest mode of being; the cause of its being; and the truth of its existence. This is the determination and purpose of spirit. It creates its form as being, not its content or its means, but only the structure to seek its last freedom; its pure absolute principle; the highest principle of which lies in the invisible realm of spiritual possibilities. The activity of life is the ground of conscience, the drive to subsume everything that surrounds it, to discover the purpose of itself and, ultimately, to go from the many to the one. That many is the internal repetition of time, and the external sense of space, which are limitations to freedom, obstructions which place being in its corporeal existence as it struggles with its own consciousness; a consciousness assumed by the Life-Power-in-being-form that determines and creates itself in its appearance. The One is the absolute, pure principle, the highest meaning that it strives to meet; the meaning of itself realized in its freedom and in its self-contemplation, which is its only form of freedom and its only means of being outside itself while continuing to cling to a universal spirit; a ground of existing which presents reason to consciousness as an instrument of knowledge into its own meaning, and a life that is not lived but only thought of as living.

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