The Incidental Corridor No.628

Absolute freedom is individual freedom reached through internal contemplation. It is the contracting point from which external contemplation, from its scattered-ness and through itself, comes to be a One Life. This One life becomes an expression of power, it abandons the general randomness of the universal and reaches a unifying factor through a series of conditions. These conditions are reached by a causality which has ruminated within the Life Power and comes to expression through the individual in which it contracts itself. The Being which comes to be, however, is not a particularity encircled in its own individuality and separate from all others. It is merely a form of being, a species of the Life Power and a remnant of a possibility that has come to be. This individuality, which is the result of internal contemplation, can transition back to an external gaze of universality, a point preceding its Oneness, but it cannot do both simultaneously. Its absolute freedom is limited by its own freedom once it is set free to choose. However, it never loses its freedom, but only exchanges it between the individual and the universal form.
Both external and internal contemplation, in order to reach the one life and lead the objectivity, which is external, to a subjectivity, which is internal, must always be as One. This manifestation of the Life Power, and the Absolute freedom in which it exists, is the condition in which gives rise to universality. And through the inner contemplation which gives expression to the universal, and being to consciousness, is altogether the essence of the inner spirit of all existence.
Consciousness itself is an expression of freedom. Its activity is the movement of the Life-Power as it assumes individual form. It operates within the realm of a reality which is the universal consciousness exhibited by the external properties of a fixed nature. Nature in itself does not change. Consciousness infinitely changes. It is absolute freedom revealing itself in corporeal form, linking with other forms which bask in their own freedoms. It recognizes itself as a-being-in-the-world. It is also dependent on the recognition of other consciousness’s in order to realize itself as this being-with-conscience. Its freedom is its own, yet, it does not go beyond the bounds of freedom. It can only be the cause of itself, and this is where its freedom ends.

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