The Incidental Corridor No.626

Consciousness is the Life-Power appearing as consciousness through the conscience of the individual. As it reaches a point of unity, where all factors can and do exist, the Life-Power assumes being and all things become representations of its appearance.
As it is manifested in the form of the individual, its sole purpose is the development of that power and the completion of it through the completion of that development. Once that power is free to decide its specific end, to have no other determination other than that particularity, it thus limits its absolute freedom and becomes a purpose in search of an understanding for its purpose and its determined result. Its freedom now turns to its fulfillment where there lies its determination, and anything outside of that is purely limited and relegated to the background of the universal.
The individual contemplates his freedom and is drawn to act out these freedoms. The morality of his actions is determined by the degree in which that freedom manifests itself. If it is truly a moral action, which lies at the center of his determinations, a higher degree of freedom manifests itself and he is able to act within a broader field of possibilities. Should he contemplate that his actions are harmful in the form of an immoral act, his freedoms, though limitless in the form of power, become limited in the external sphere of the universal. Yet, only the individual could know if his actions are moral or not, as he contemplates the results of his actions. The categories in which he acts, the conception of laws which join the world as a cohesive structure simultaneously creating events and their residual historical effects, are judgments a priori, and concepts formed before the Life-Power appears in individual form.

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