The Incidental Corridor on Self-Limitation of Freedom, No.625

Through the freedoms which everyone possesses, the freedom to choose, to decide, to pursue, to act, etc., a moral link exists in which freedoms are held in contrast to their effects on others, positively or negatively, that create prohibitions,or laws, limiting freedoms and sorting them between moral judgments and the acts themselves. Each person has, in effect, Absolute Freedom, but through this freedom he sets limits which allow for others to enjoy their own freedoms, who in turn, limit themselves and so on. One must check his freedom “at the door” so, thereby, he is free to account for his freedom to account, to measure with the freedom to measure, to check with the freedom to check, etc. Through this freedom of limiting freedom, communities form, certain governments thrive, and commonality creates alliances composed of similar interests and concerns. These limited freedoms, formed by self-limitations of freedoms, are the grounds of peaceful coexistence with others, and an understanding that the actions of one may have certain effects on all. Therefore, moral laws emerge from inner-contemplated prohibitions on freedom establishing limits on those freedoms so that beings will exist peacefully and without interruption.
Moral laws are part spiritual, part physical. They are the ground of determination of inner contemplation which pours itself into the world by its freedom to act, which is, in effect, its freedom to exist. Existing is acting in unity with others through concepts formed in contemplation of the fixed world of nature; an understanding that Nature governs itself through itself, as in self-determination, and cannot be altered, destroyed, or otherwise separated from its One Life. Laws as prohibitions on freedom, are natural laws which are repetitive and unite beings in its self-movement, just as planets tie together in their push and pull on each other. One affects the other, yet the effect cannot be discerned as a separate power. It is one power within itself; one part acting with the other, orderly, formally, naturally. Rational beings act rationally, as each act, each determination, affects others. This affectation, this cohesive mode of the ground of life, is the concrete mode of the spiritual ground of all essences; that being the will to survive and the struggle to repeat itself in the One world of the One life.

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