The Incidental Corridor on the Tyranny of Organization, No.623

Organization is a form of repetitive sameness, which, as in nature, contradicts absolute freedom and limits the person to a “One Life.” This sameness follows the One, which in its self-contemplation, binds the contemplation of others and repeats its “oneness” through its powers of material manipulation. Now, all things outside consciousness exist in space. And space is the realm of outer sense which separates one object from another, one being from another, and so on, and organizes it all under a model of conformity and correlation. This method, or system, is the representation of the operation of conscious sensation as it projects itself from itself and into an environment of other consciousness’s which, within their own systematic modality, represent themselves as part of, and separated from, each other. This is the “One Life” where consciousness imagines an individuality but is actually a non-existent individuality as it is measured, formed, controlled, etc., within the boundaries set by the “Organization.”
As in every organization there exists the very elements that contradict its order; that are inherently part of its system, its contents, and which, without them, the organization couldn’t exist. As light needs darkness, or hot needs cold, these elements are related to, and joined within, all the elements that produce a seeming finality. As it is with history, or mere change, where a succession of events sequentially unfold and produce new events which contain their own changes, nothing is truly what it seems without its self-contradiction being part of its anatomy. This is why organization limits freedom of individuality, for it is necessary that to stay organized, to keep change in check, to suppress differences, to annihilate potential incongruities which it itself has formed, it must discourage freedom and promote an inviolable connection. This is how societies maintain themselves. It is also how tyranny’s come about which suppress change though violence and threats and which have no space for individuality, and are systematically contoured to deny free thought and encourage submission. Therefore, those who proclaim freedoms by limiting the freedoms of others, are not harbingers of civil individuality, but messengers of denial who would rather control the thoughts of others than have their own thoughts come under question.

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