The Incidental Corridor No.621

The sensuous world is the visible-in-itself which is an appearance to the imagination. We are not seen by others as what we are in ourselves, but as a reflection of the image of ourselves, as in a mirror image. Nature, as a pure reflection, limits its appearance to the imagination in its holding back its contents and resisting its life-power from annihilating itself. This power, represented by the sensuous world, is grounded in nature as an opposition to imagination. Through this opposition and resistance, it makes objects visible to the imagination and, in turn, the imagination makes these objects visible to themselves as they arise in the world.
As an object appears in its immediacy, it becomes valid for all as that which is an appearance to the world. Within this object are its parts which, if taken away, would not be what it is. It cannot be anything but what the imagination, as it opposes this object through the limits of itself, immediately contemplates. Thus, it becomes One, and in this One is its appearance as
it is in itself, and nothing else. We can see, than, that although the appearance comes to consciousness as an object, it cannot be truly determined about what it actually is in itself other than an appearance. To all beings, this thing seems the same, appears the same, feels the same, etc., but it can never be exactly the same because the perception of it alternates from person to person. One could say that the object is to the left of the house while another, standing on an opposite plane, insists it is to the right of the house. This is why imagination must be limited by its own powers, or it may drift off into a realm of incomprehensible representations which would immediately self-destruct the instant any thought arises.
The objects in the world are immediate objects and exist a priori. The imagination is the source which makes these objects visible. It is also a representation of the internal which, when appearing, becomes an immediate contemplation and a going beyond from the imaginary into the principle, and into the power of life as seen through its reflecting.

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