The Incidental Corridor on the Unity of Knowledge, No.619

The Ego resolves to reach a self-unity in an internal act of its own causation, and externally by replacing or setting aside the matter of the material world with the matter of itself. It is an organ of self-contemplation and its immediate impulse is to find a reason with which it can connect and mark a beginning. Through conceptions, the Ego removes the dead external matter and creates its own matter through the mere cause of itself. Therefore, the Ego is itself matter. It is immediately given as self-determined and a principle in space; a spirit confronting the world and, through its conceptions, creating change that could go on infinitely or suddenly evaporate depending on what degree that change is attached to and the significance of its matter on other Ego’s.
Matter is resistant to change in that it poses a determinate of its own in its external relationship with the Ego. One form of matter is knowledge. For the Ego, knowledge is a wall of resistance which can only be chipped away and never fully penetrated. Moreover, there is only so much of it to be shared, thus, some beings understand it, while others lie stranded outside its walls, slowly degrading and dissolving, as the flesh of any material, or being, would.
No person can claim an exclusive knowledge since knowledge itself is greater than any one person. Therefore, knowledge shares itself with the person, if it is a well thought out knowledge. Being matter itself, it represents a community shared by beings “absolutely.” It is through self-contemplation that the subject first realizes itself and attains to knowledge; not through thought, but inner contemplation that empowers the first ego and sets it free. This freedom is confined to a causal relationship with other Egos, and, through Reason, with the facts of self-knowledge and understanding, the world becomes a shared world; within its boundaries, a shared thinking; a material thinking which may result in an altering of matter that would go on for centuries as long as this matter is taken on by other Egos and persists as a form of reason, or one which soon dissipates into a mere semblance of itself, slowly fading into the emptiness of mere speculation.
Knowledge is only knowledge once it’s shared by a unity of Egos and placed, primarily, in a causal sphere where other facts of itself relate absolutely immediately so that nothing else could annul its reason nor place it outside the horizon of physical actuality.

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