The Incidental Corridor No.617

Imaging is, in a sense, in the perceptual sense, a form of causality found in the productive powers of the internal sense of consciousness. It is a link between the internal and the external, posited outside the ego, into the sphere of being. Through this we perceive matter as extending and impenetrable, as an absolute substance which comes to consciousness in the form of resistance. This image is a power of the imagination and, for it to produce this imagery, resistance must be the underlying object in which consciousness is forced to consider through contemplation. Without this opposition, causality would have no beginning and the internal sense, which consciousness links with the external, would be denied its freedom. Consciousness would be trapped within contemplating itself and the outside world, the stage for its production of images, would be beyond perception.
Every possible sense, ex: feeling, seeing, touching, hot, cold, etc., is formed through the imagination and stored there perpetually. It unites consciousness with the external world and creates a stream of experience in which the faculty of contemplation, given through an original cause, forms an understanding and a system of reasoning. It is the conditioning which follows conditions as they are being conditioned. An example would be a recollection which conditions the present by conditioning the past. The future is always unconditioned, and becomes future once it is conditioned to meet the earlier conditions. This forms the series, or the schema, of reality and allows consciousness to understand where it’s been, where it stands, and where it is going. All this, through the production of the imagination, is the internal sense making sense of the external. The external world exists in itself, but only through the imagination does it come into the circle of being, and only through a system of pure reasoning can it be determined to be a purely impenetrable production of what lies within and beyond an imaginary causation.

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