The Incidental Corridor on Imagination, No.616

We are all free to imagine anything we choose; to allow our minds to flow in any way; to bring on images, sounds, emotions, etc., which remain hidden and need not be shared, kept, or worked on. These reproductions which are totally outside the scope of actuality, which are never prone to a particular mode of action or reaction, not subject to the whims of others, nor the written laws that strive to protect our physical or social standing, are always within reach and, moreover, in play as they predetermine, whether consciously or through a type of mindful abstention, an action, a thought, a feeling, or a reason. It is a free activity but always a limited one. As the physical body is confined within a structure, so is the imagination. It always follows an established premise, or a previous experience, with borders and boundaries; horizons and landscapes. No one can think or imagine beyond the scope of what is already understood as a possibility. There are limitations even to the imagination, which cannot be traversed or even imagined, per se. If something exists beyond this world as we know it, can it be imagined?
All reflection is a prelude to imagination, a starting point, a way of delving into consciousness where the analytical and psychological live, where the laws of reason, simple reason, a reason of understanding, is the condition of attachment to the world. Imagination is a reflection on a reflection, an abstract reconstruction, a memory or situation reversed, a luring back from the darkness, as it stands alone outside the physical world and, yet, is always connected. Imagination is not an escape. It’s a digging deeper into consciousness to replay, recapture, return or resurrect. It also sets the stage where future possibilities swirl about and effects from causes are predetermined apart from the physical world, but always having to do with the physical world. Imagination is a form of freedom but is still trapped within the structure of an imprisoning reality.

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