The Incidental Corridor No.612

The struggle for common good has given way, replaced by the newer form of civility. This outline of a fresh boundary for all to huddle within, still in its infancy, threatens the normalcy of human interactivity and societal structure. It is a scraped knee about to hemorrhage, a fractured limb on the brink of disaster. The cohesiveness woven together by the sacrifices of others, is about to unravel and bring on a historic alteration of universal parameters. These coming events, riddled with uncertainty and indecisiveness, have already been set into motion and, directed by unknown figures, are designed to create an upheaval that can only be described as a world changing disfigurement that threatens a well-defined morality with a monolithic form of control, representative of ideals born in the darkest corners of reality.
There is a disposition surfacing that embraces a sort of self-destructive membrane entangled in a web of nihilistic anarchy. These ideas, or notions, have no basis in common dialogue, nor do they scratch the surface of a humane and benign philosophy of peaceful existence. Powers unknown and unseen have determined that it’s time cut a new path, one which will toss many over the sides so that the few who are left will drop, eventually, into the ocean of their own blood. What will, and who will, be spared is not yet determined although the plan is to get around freedom and replace it with a tyranny of the few. These unholy and rapacious spirits, bent on collapsing the boundaries of fairness and replacing them with fortresses that house their dark desires, aim to stop at nothing short of reproducing mankind into an obsequious class of souls bereft of spirit and content.
The underlying motive for destruction is the rise of the commoners; those whose realities have reached the brink of exhaustion; whose dreams are being swept away by the obstructionists who hold power in their grip and crush resistance. They’ve been pushed into a corner by those they have hunted down for the past few centuries, to cover there every needs and desires; to fight their wars; to torture and abuse the powerless while allowing them the slightest of self-approbation in their miniscule existence.
A new book is being written, yet the characters remain the same. The epilogue has been composed, but the body itself has yet to be contrived.

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