The Incidental Corridor No.611

Ideas begin with intuitions and conceptions which seek to discover a principle based on the regulative laws of nature. Experience is the foundation of ideas in that it provides the understanding with a point of no return, a point where it transcends a conception and creates a belonging-ness in which reality is unified not only through the history of its own experience, but to all possible experience. All ideas are experiences that follow a particular destination towards a goal of acceptance in which a higher degree of unity is achieved. Beyond this unity, ideas would exist in a void of nothingness as they would have no basis for being and, moreover, would be contradictory to a reality which seeks perfection through reason. The finality that forms through reason, which follows through to itself, is the highest degree of cognition and understanding. Any cognition in contradiction to this last and unyielding degree of systematic unity, is illusory and could not belong to reality. It is what separates sanity from the insane, and truth from lies. Ideas are always false when based on the possibility that the result would be in contradiction to a harmony and unity of reason. It is only through experience, and a possible experience, that reason can seek its proper destination. And, it is only through falsehood that it can fall outside the sphere of reality and become lodged within the unseemly confines of delusion.

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