On The Ideals of the Young

One of the more strange and disturbing realities that exist today are the absence of reason and understanding prevalent in most circles, particularly in the political minds of the young and untested. There is a prevailing assumption, which most of them share, that any power in whatever form, exists to destroy all living species of nature and replace them with a black void, or some imagined space bereft of all life. Their protestations are universal as are their beliefs in that only they, in their transcendental wisdom which drifts into a vision of idealistic and unrealistic notions, can dictate and show their undivided devotion to life and that they alone are the bearers of truth and the instruments by which the world can become a “better place.”
Their particular stations in life, as it stands, have not even scratched the surface of responsibility or accountability. At one moment they are espousing the virtues of some obscure idealist or poet who envisions the world as a potential paradise, while at other times they strive to tear the fabric of an already established entity because, in their minds, in goes against the “beauty of nature,” which, they believe, should resemble a complex of diverse and dissimilar subjects living peacefully side by side without any differences in beliefs, in governing, in ownership, and, most of all, in any way that would engender a divide of people, nationalities, and customs. To their delicate minds, all men and women are homogeneous entities which must rely on each other to support a world of utopian hegemony. They are, in one word, crusaders.
Uniformity in every aspect of life is their sole aim and their fervent wish as they attempt to destroy and dismantle every obstruction to their idealistic visions born of fury, rage, and distrust. Their motives against a world order is to bring disorder and complexity where established principles are forced into disarray and made to bend to the beliefs of their sophomoric intentions. Their immaturity is only outweighed by their ignorance and insecurity. They, unfortunately, are harbingers of the future and, unwittingly, they create an atmosphere of distortion where the simple minded, which are plentiful, are taken in emotionally and intellectually to foster an existence tainted with a distrust of laws and authority. It is only when these same people, these caretakers of irrational visions and hopes, reach a position of responsibility in the world where they are looked upon to lead and support, not only themselves, but those closest to them; that their ideas, once embers shooting from a circle of flames, begin to fade and through the façade of the frivolity seeps a convergence of truth and logic, do they submit to a fundamental principle of life that, yes, all are created equal, but those who endanger that equality are those who rage against it. They come to acknowledge that life itself is complex and only a strong focus on one’s own immediate surroundings, will carry her or him through it, and hopefully, peacefully and safely, until the next fury of enraged dreamers pile into the streets and step through their own flames while on their way to an imagined glory of the universe.The Convergence of Being

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