The Incidental Corridor of Disorder, No.608

Is it possible for there to exist a “disorder” in the world if everything has a purpose? In order for something considered harmonious it must, in fact, have all of its parts acting together in a meaningful and purposeful fashion. A house, for instance, could be considered harmonious as such, in that each nail, each brick, each plank of wood forms a togetherness which produces a totality. Now whether this totality is complete is another question. However, that all the materials in the structure “agree” with one another to form a house, is an orderly connection duly represented.
The disorder that grips the world, or its appearance, is still composed of separate parts working together to build a dynamic mode of existence that acts out and forms a particular political “climate” in which the parties involved connect to form a purpose. Being that two or more ideas or philosophies are present in the same instance of time, in that one cannot exist without the other, is a characteristic of unifying forces. It is a modality within the relationship of a separation that brings multiple theories into a single block of complete disunity which, eventually, produces a synthesis of ideas taken from this opposition of reasoning and eventually, by its nature, goes on to create a new totality of discord and disagreement.
All designs are creations of separate elements woven together to form a unity and a temporary togetherness so newer and more complete designations are born. Therefore, disorder is a necessary characteristic of order in that it possesses within itself the harmonious elements that will go on toward purposeful perfection.

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