The Incidental Corridor of Necessity, No.607

We can claim that what exists does so necessarily, or what is necessary must exist. Either being the truth depends, primarily, on the ability to find what causes something to exist necessarily. If a thing does not exist is it necessarily so? In other words, does its non-existence presuppose that which is present only by the means of which its non-presence would detract from its necessity and make a particular aspect of existence, or any possibility of reason, an impossibility? Time exists intuitively so that events which take place are not doing so simultaneously. Everything that happens does so within a world that forms an ordered sequence and historical process. We are necessarily bound to time through reason. It is a formation in which the understanding is necessarily encased, so that the cause of events is clear and, moreover, sustains the force of reason which forms the synthetic manifold of thought. Consciousness embraces that which does not equivocate from its reality. It forms reason around every perception and through a priori intuition attains concepts that connect not only what it perceives, but what is beyond its immediate perception. What eventually joins in perception is the causal connection that brings an understanding to reason; a particular formation where causation and consciousness reaches clarity through a necessary logic. All things existing do so necessarily and all that is necessary exists for reason to complete its time infused regression into the causes that yet exist within an infinite past.

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