The Incidental Unity of Experience, No.604

The unity of experience is the thread of all phenomena held together by the source of its own possibilities. It is its own cause and is the datum of the reality in which it takes place. Its necessary existence is present in all actions and is completely determined by its original representation appearing as subject and, ultimately, its relation to others. Its own truth resides in itself, guided by a supreme understanding of the variety of all things and the nature of consequence and contingency. Its outcome is the necessary fulfillment of the total of all experiences. It is a unity which can never drift outside itself nor escape its effects, as the cause of its determinations are its necessary conditions. It is the empirical concern of the understanding which carries forward into a future of possibilities that have originated in a primal cause and will always be determined by the effects of that cause. It is the nature of unity in which all its part are held together by the total of all experience. It is a permanent unity of a single event, pre-determined and effected by a single necessary cause which, without it, would be a space inhabited by phenomena existing beyond the sensible and thereby representing things in themselves, which could never be experienced.

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