The Incidental Corridor No.305

All events originate in reason, in that they are the result of the beginning series of ideas put into place, and spontaneously played out as phenomena. Since the only sensuous form of existence comes from phenomena, because if nothing is sensed than nothing is there, reason is the prime mover and author of the representation of reality. Its actions are outside of time, and its space is what it is in itself. It is permanent in its own freedoms and its own activities. There is nothing in time that could alter reason’s ability to carry forward an understanding which may, or may not, conform to the existence of any particular phenomena, since phenomena is only a representation, where reason is a condition of the human will and exists in itself as that which cannot be divided, extended, or in any way exist in time or space. Freedom from phenomena and nature exists in reason, as the structural and immovable state of being. It is for all beings that reason is that permanence which has no beginning, which has never not existed and which, in its spontaneity, carries into phenomena the law that makes all things adhere to a type of sequential movement; a reality that follows events and causes, spontaneously delivered and sensually appropriated.

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2 thoughts on “The Incidental Corridor No.305

  1. All events originate in reason. Yes. No event just happens, it originates in reason, in bits and pieces, into the shape of an idea and then something happens. I believe you’re right. It seems obvious, but nobody really thinks about it, the need for critical thinking. If we do not mind and consider our ideas, they will mind an consider themselves. I think that explains the bizarre landscape of our current events. Reason untended.

    1. As we are more closely connected, universally, it seems critical thinking has been replaced by what I would term: Remote Reasoning. The reason that culminates in ideas and, ultimately ethical reasoning, has been surrendered to others. The inter-connectedness has created more gods and idols that we can track. It seems the ideals that have taken over have more to do with fame, wealth, and power than with the idea of a moral and principled existence. We’ve surrendered our deductive and inductive capabilities outright in order to “fit in” with what is deemed, unrealistically, as a happy life. It’s true the current landscape is littered with extreme elements guiding us down a precarious path, but reason, as it stands, is in need of a correction within these series of events in order to restore itself, if that is even possible. Necessary reasoning, which allows for the understanding of the systematic reality of the universe, will always give way, and must, to transcendental reasoning which shapes our lives and may be the only freedom we actually possess.

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