The Impracticality of Uncertainty

When faced with the endemic uncertainties throughout the world, there must be a solution which is, in itself, impractical and dubious, that would counter these uncertainties and bring them into focus. Previous experience cannot be referred to, as uncertainty, by definition, is something out of the norm and experience only deals with what has been normalized and presented as fact. There is a moment in history that represents a turning point, a significant marker, which makes that particular moment historical. Therefore, change is the requisite and the guide for causing a difference in all of experience. This change may not be individually recognized, but by looking back on certain changes ideas are necessarily born.
    These ideas may follow a certain practicality, yet they did not begin as such. They  were mere conceptions thriving on the adversity of the times and, through that, reached a certain plateau; an effectual solution whether in accordance with the fairness of all, or only those originally affected. It then becomes incumbent upon the change-makers, of whom many are reliant, to enforce those changes for the improvement of all subjects involved. 
These momentous times in which, seemingly, the entire world is being psychologically manipulated and slowly transformed into warring tribes taken back into their primal stages, have been hampered by those “practical” minds whose attempts at normalcy have only brought on more conflict and destruction. Certain measures, whether draconian or merely put into place to create a neutral zone where a fresh approach can be hatched, are sorely needed when the prospect of inner and outer tumult has been brought into play. 
This point in history, this era marked by unabated terror and overt hatred, is the beginning of a series of changes forged by the threat of its own unravelling into chaos and loss of control. It is the moment to steer destiny and offer a practical solution to the impractical course of uncertainty.

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