The Incidental Corridor Pertaining to Space, No.601

Is space a composite of simple substances or is it its own indivisible substance? All things existing in space are, by themselves, the property of space. They are also determinants of space in that they hold positions or points which are the conclusive composites of their finite construction and can only exist in space by using it to project themselves into existence. If space were only an external intuition, in that it holds for every subject the same determinations of being, how could it be that it isn’t a composite of simple substances in that it is composed of what is present and what is void? Even as intuitively grasped it still possesses qualities which can be divided, for nothing can exist in space if space didn’t separate something from nothing. That in itself is a divisible property. Even the non-presence of a thing is a presence in that it makes possible the presence of something. In order for something to exist it must be in complete opposition to its not-existing. This is the beginning of the composition of all substances, space included. They are determined, simply, by what they are in accordance to what they are not. 
Space, as the external realm where consciousness avails itself to itself and, by doing so, divides all things into their own substances, is both a composition of all things and an infinitely divided part of itself, in that it has no beginning or end of which to be determined. It can only be measured by its parts which, by themselves, privatize their standing in space. Moreover, the attempt to measure space is, in itself, taking part in space, therefore it would be impossible to divide itself from itself. It can only divide those substances that exist within it and, by its own infinite properties, divide all things infinitely. 

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