The Incidental Corridor on Loss of Power, No.591

    As power subsides all other conditions rush in to fill the void. There is little difference separating one powerful entity from another. However, it is only that entity which holds the reins and steers ahead into the unknown which can claim the mantle of enforcing itself upon the many. And through that regulatory aspect, that polar region of command, other things must follow and adjust. It is the synthetic construction of a chain of leadership and its purpose is to adhere and not overtly dominate. 
The mantle of domination and legion of dictatorial power is short-lived in a country based on the freedom of its citizenry. It cannot go on existing as long as certain elements strive to react and replace it with something contrary to the dominating spirit of the people. That type of leadership is better served within the limited concepts of a political ideology which really has no ideology but is merely an open cesspool of ingredients cultivated within a landscape of unorthodox irregularity.
The concept of leadership cannot survive within a country where every single issue, down to the most microscopic element, is met with some form of regulation. Freedom abhors the implementations of rules which, by their particular nature, infringe on the basic understanding of reality and the underlying concepts which contain the attributes of the qualities of freedom. In order to stay free, the ideologies of the scant few, which are restrictive and complicated, and which, for political purposes, are addressed so that every patch of possible support is cultivated and conserved, a neutrality must be reached; a ground in which commonality can prosper and liberty maintained. A community is a community only by surrendering the dogmatic stands and vitriol which threaten a peaceful existence. A house divided cannot stand. Neither can a country survive if it is structured by uneven supports which bend this way and that. Its foundation relies upon a sturdy ground and not a ground that trembles with the shock waves of an underlying catastrophe caused by a confounding contrariness lurking beneath the surface.
There was a time when differences were settled amicably for the benefit of all. Presently very few seem interested in finding agreeable grounds. They would rather pursue, to the very limits, policies and projects that serve only themselves and their narrow interests so their own spirits are fulfilled and nurtured, and those of others would stay unworthy and unappreciated. 

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