The Incidental Corridor of Modern Reasoning, No.589

Reason is the bastard child of judgment. It’s origin, unknown. Its existence, tainted. It thrives on unconditioned conclusions given conditionally, feeding off premises absent of logic and substance. What it lacks in truthfulness it replaces with assumptions. These assumptions follow from the imaginative despair which infiltrates vast numbers of subjects who, in their frenzied attachment to existential causes camouflaged by ideals and grand visions, become undone by the mere mention of an opposing viewpoint or an alternative “reason” which, by its very existence, unleashes a propensity to swear and slur; a drive to destroy and dismantle; a relentless passion to remove experience from logic and replace it with a world free from any other notions than their own. Their reason is opposed to any other form of judgment. Their logic, antithetical to the truth that equality is the privilege of all, and happiness, in whatever form it exists, should not be subject to opinion nor forced to be in conjunction with their beliefs. Their reasoning, by all measures, is a conclusion of judgments borne by the bastardized notions of “what should be without question” rather than “what should stay unquestioned” regarding the free choice of others and their own “personal” beliefs and desires.

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