The Politics of Nothingness

     The divide between the possible and the impossible has spread beyond conception and taken the form of self-contradiction. Within this realm of denial where logic tends to slink off into obscurity, and ideas, once the bedrock of a successful and enriched society, become blurred and diminished, a new form of governance has taken shape; one which is delinquent in all precepts of ideology, truthfulness, prominence, and perseverance. A self-inflicted abhorrence which, by all measures, keeps one beyond the walls of civility and shreds all likelihood of a resurgence and reemergence of popularity. 
The new negativism, a profoundly contrarian stand that threatens only itself, is the Politics of Nothingness; the belief that images of obstruction, cries of illegitimacy, circulating conspiracy, fear, and lies, is the new path to redemption and to the retaking of the hearts and souls of the people who have crossed sides and pledged their support to fresh leadership. This mode of non-conformity and refusal to take part is the most vulgar stand that a so-called party of the people can adopt. It evokes an image of a sinking ship, its crew unleashing all lifeboats and choosing to go down into the depths because being swallowed up by the sea is better than waiting it out and hoping for rescue. They lost sight of land long ago, but they held the belief that it was always “out there” waiting to take them back. But their sense of direction failed and even the navigator perched dubiously in the crow’s nest, could not lead them to their destination. She also lost sight of the earthly islands and leapt from her perch long before the others chose to self-annihilate. 
The emptiness of their contradiction is widening. The vastness of their mediocrity is on the rise. The Politics of Nothingness is a plan sure to leave them out in the cold and take many of their followers along with them. Those who are clear, concise, and stick to their convictions will remain free and never grow weary of the richness of their beliefs, wherever it may take them. But, it is still better to have a belief in something than an avowed pledge to Nothing.

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