The Incidental Corridor No.587

In order to understand an experience one must first experience the understanding of the experience. It flows from the agreement and opposition within reality when external relations are free of contradiction and the schema, under which cognition operates, carries through to the understanding the propositions of cause and effect. The experience is the result of the confluence of matter and form. The parts of the experience are the matter. The result, or the experience itself, the form. The objects within the experience, the conditions under which the sensibilities react, is the ongoing representation of the pure understanding which, through the negation of the positive and the affirmation of the negative, produces an experience which is harmonious in its externality and, likewise, fulfills the possibility which had lied dormant and has now burst forward into the present. The complex of all relations, which are only external, are representations of the objects of the understanding, and are the substantive structures which, in their form are understood and produce the experience of which the understanding has imparted.

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