The Incidental Corridor of Experience and Understanding, No.586

The understanding which we have, which follows not from experience, but from an a priori element inherent in every being, as to its core and to its concordance with all things that affect it is, nevertheless, formed through the very experiences which evolve from these understandings. In other words, experience and understanding surround each other such as two circles perfectly aligned. Any deviation from one line which may drift out of proportion to experience is immediately drawn back into the understanding. On the other hand, any understanding that becomes misaligned, that does not coincide logically with a possible experience, is immediately redrawn and reshaped by the experience so that both understanding and experience are in perfect unison. One cannot precede the other. Alternately, the one is the other and are always as one, which prevents itself from drifting into a void, an area where reasonable thought cannot exist; a region where things as they are remain to themselves in a negative state to what the understanding can experience and what experience can understand. This assertion of itself upon itself, through this dual activity that is the process by which beings cope with an external world and not drift off into a blank space, into their own negation or contradiction, is the law which guides consciousness through its infinite becoming and presents the inherent force of reason through all possibilities that follow from experience and understanding.

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