The Incidental Corridor of Transition of Power, No.585

   There is a continuous succession to everything. Nothing takes place which is not, in some way, related to a past event (or cause). Change is necessary and carries with it the next change, and so on. In government, when the ruling class begins to rule outside the norms of a widely accepted mode of behavior, they get pulled back in and find themselves no longer as powerful; no longer as the focal point and, moreover, no longer as the purveyor of rules and policies which control the masses. By all respects, they’ve been “cut out” and by the virtues of a free society, made to relinquish power to another. 
This premise is the foundation of a free society and holds together the social compact that preserves freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of one’s desires which need not be questioned nor undermined. It is what holds together a free society and establishes its permanence. Those who are fervently opposed to a peaceful change of power, or those of influence, uttering lies and phrases that diminish the change, or taint the exchange with their own displeasure, are contaminants of freedom who find satisfaction in their refusal to accept the changes. They, therefore, poison the mix of the community. 
No one is saying that beyond the transition there cannot exist voices of discontent or differences of opinion. The point is, first, to show the world that a peaceful change is possible, that a country can come together even under the most disconcerting of events. Undoubtedly, within this change are the elements of the next change and, of course, those elements which will follow. What influences the next transition of power is the success or failure of new laws and agendas. The outcome of these decisions control the future and lay the framework for either expansion or destruction. No person can predict what will happen, nor can they, with any amount of intelligence, prove who is best to lead the country going forward. We are not only at the mercy of ourselves, but also the rest of the world. What is vital is the foundation in which we build upon. That foundation is supported by the free will of its members and their power to turn back, to replace, and in their own minds, to repair. 

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