The Incidental Corridor of Necessity and Causation

Change is a necessity that follows from a possibility that has become real. It is a causal connection that lies within the continuum of experience and, through its own determination, becomes the effect that follows. Everything that happens is necessary and is within a realm of possibility. Furthermore, if experience were not granted with reason and understanding, possibility would not exist and unpredictable chaos would stand in its place. Nature is not blind nor does it involve itself in chance. The continuity in Nature prohibits any change which does not fall within reason; it defies uncaused effects and realities which are not possible. It is its own reality and is given to us through the law of causality, without which experience would not be possible and the understanding would be something that lies beyond the senses. Therefore, all that we perceive “must” be perceived as that which falls within the reason of which Nature operates, and within the effect of a reality that has come to us through a convergence of necessity and causation.

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