The principles of coexistence are, ideally, a compact of all creatures living simultaneously in the same time and the same space. Within this contemporaneous existence, all subjects are reciprocally connected to act according to particular laws based on morality and ethics. These are both a priori and empirical laws which, in the attempt to enact a communal spirit, must follow, not only thematically in succession from one experience to another, but also contractually.   
Within the active phenomena of The State, the signal structure that projects the ideals of community and the insoluble connection between subjects sharing common goals, which foremost contain the spirit of freedom and happiness, the rupture of commonality and the presence of separate ideologies inherently form a base of disharmony. This  void, which in one form or another has always existed, now retains little resemblance to the general nature that has always kept ideas and assumptions in check for the “whole” and all of its parts regardless of differences and doubts. The imaginary line which once separated conservative ideas from liberal ideas; structuralism from libertarianism, etc., has facilitated a more expansive breach than what existed before, and, consequentially, has produced more derision, hatred, and a blanket distrust of others on the level of absolute resistance bordering on violence and intense contrariness. 
All perceptions and objectification, based mainly on religion, education, ideologies, etc., have always presented viewpoints which were once open to debate, but have now become subjects of intense and arrogant one-sidedness. No longer are particular values and rights viewed as a choice beholden to all humans, but now as evil ideas that must be destroyed and, if allowed to expand, will push mankind into a desolate wasteland. 
We’ve become a planet of hysterical subjects hoping for the annihilation of others simply because of their thoughts and ideas. College campuses, for the most part, have grown into havens of intolerance disguised as tolerance, individual bully pulpits fed by ideologies far removed from the normal existence of the common man struggling for himself and his family. We've crossed a bridge too far, approaching a void that threatens to swallow many while unleashing deadly gasses of discord drifting across humankind.

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