The Incidental Corridor No.583

For something to “be” it must always have been. It is the necessity of the relation of a substance to itself. The permanence of the substance is its quantum in time and what it is in itself as it follows different modes of existence: alterations, differences, changes, etc., but it remains as a determination of its origin. And even in its coming to be, it had to become something which at first it was not. It had to begin as its own negation, its own non-existence in that it exists as being the non-existence of something. Therefore, all that changes is permanent and only the conditions of its existence changes. We relate to time as a point when something arises from nothing. This nothing is the moment at which the origin of something arises. The past vanishes into nothingness that brings a succession of changes and an altering of reality. Yet, that which is within reality is a permanence of substances undergoing changes. Time does not change, it is only the differences within time that changes. And, all substances as always having been, whether existing or non-existing, relate to these changes as the inseparable connections to time and space in which permanence is as necessary to change as being is to non-being.

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