The Incidental Corridor No.582

All phenomena exist on a particular level of reality, a quantity of extension which, according to the level in which it is experienced, either great or small, close or distant, occupy space and time. By being extensive they lie outside of the subject and, furthermore, are within limited boundaries. There also exists a level between what is real and what is not real.
Within this level there are an infinite flow of experiences that can occur. This stream of possibilities are what separate being from nothingness, and support a level of constancy that flows through reality-a collection of moments and places experienced through sensations and formed into levels of perception and into a pure space and time newly experienced. The levels of reality in which the subject is conscious is that between a priori intuition and empirical consciousness. What lies in between is the balance of the sensibilities and the unpredictable outcome associated with the underlying reality of its own negation.

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