The Incidental Corridor of Time and Space, No.581

All phenomena is a synthetic sequence which ties experiences together and, through the Time and Space, is the ground of the unity of reality. Within this unity lies the a priori sense of judgment which is both an analytic and synthetic understanding of itself. Through our senses we experience Space and Time. Time is the internal sense in which objects of experience interchange and carry forward into new objects of experience while still maintaining those that have passed. Space is the external sense where it all takes place and where being is able to experience Time and the unity that binds his reality. The phenomenon of all representations is their successive unity and relation. Nothing takes place without an original form of itself, as in a dialectical movement. Therefore it is an unbroken and invincible unity of experience which, once begun, comes to its end with the end of the subject. As in two straight lines which can never cross each other, two beings can never share the same phenomena or experience. They are truly isolated within themselves. Their reality is their self. What is outside of them are merely other selves with their own reality and experience. Their only ties are Time and Space which exist outside of them and, moreover, hold them in place within the horizon of their existence.

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